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by Kevin Kelly
Hey! I'm
Kevin 'ey' Kelley!
The KevinKelly.Name Website
is the Internet equivalent of the business card and new clipping collection I once had posted on my office door.

I can't count the number of times,  I have been told "I know a Kevin Kelly,"

  • on a weekly basis I receive phones call looking for another Kevin Kelly (some of them threatening)
  • have shown up at work and heard "I told you he wasn't the one they arrested" and
  • on one occasion received a letter of commendation intended for another Kevin Kelly!
  • been asked "Are you that Wired guy?"
  • received email for another Kevin Kelly!
  • yet another email request!
  • The Arrest of Kevin M. Kelly
  • or how about this from Kevin L. Kelly, he was once asked the question, "I knew a Kevin Kelly who was killed in the war. Are you him?"

We going to have a little fun on the Internet--a portal where people can find us!

So, if you are Kevin Kelly, this is your website.  If you have a story, an announcement, or anything to share with the world, contact

Kevin Kelly
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