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by Kevin Kelly
Hey! I'm
Kevin 'ey' Kelley!
This page was was inspired by Kevin Kelley of Palmer, Alaska.

Kevin writes: "Ran across your site and yes, even with the different last name (the extra ‘e’ has caused enough problems) but the doctor’s office mixing up medical records, same name same month but wrong year. Nurse only noticed when the chart showed I gained 80 lbs and over a foot in 6 months. Or the phone call from another Kevin Kelley forwarding a message for me.

Now if I can get people to stop saying, don’t I know you from somewhere?"

  • Kevin James Kelley, an executive managing a small trade association, Rochester, New York
  • Kevin Kelley, Palmer, Alaska
  • Kevin Kelley, Filmmaker, Iowa City, Iowa

Kevin ? Kelley,


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