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Posted 27-May-2005
An Experience By Dr. Kevin Kelly

I was going to college in 1978 in Albany, New York. I was driving under a Colorado driver's license at the time. One fine Spring day, I was ferrying a very large group of friends in my truck and they were a bit rambunctious. The local police pulled me over and radioed in the information from my driver's license. "Kevin Kelly, male, Caucasian, six foot tall, brown hair, blue eyes" and the birthdate.

Imagine my surprise when the dispatcher's voice came back over the radio, "Yes, Kevin Kelly, male, Caucasian, six foot, brown hair, blue eyes, same birthdate, has been wanted by the New York State Police since 1976--please be advised, suspect has assault tendencies."

Needless to say, I had never worn handcuffs before that moment and definitely do not recommend them.

Later, I learned that there was a gentleman from a notorious gang in New York City called "The Westies" also with the name of Kevin Kelly. It seems that he is perhaps generously titled, "A Wiseguy" whose profession seems to be hitman for the Westies Gang. I have never found out if this was the same Kevin Kelly who caused the confusion.

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